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Disaster Plan for Frontware

As a business owner, have you ever considered what you will do if your computer or servers crash? What if your building is the victim of fire, flood, earthquake, or there is a stroke of lightening

One of the best things that every single company today, whether it is a small home –based business or a multi-million dollar corporation, must have is the disaster recovery plan. Therefore, we have to prepare ourselves to face with the unfortunate if one day it will come to visit.


Surely, your company, large or small, should have a well designed disaster recovery plan for your electronic data so there is the disaster plan for Frontware.


Frontware certainly cares about data and source code of the customers. We are aware that data and source code are priceless, they must be safely stored.


In order to secure all data and source code, Frontware has established a strong Disaster Plan to prevent data and source code lost in any case of hardware failure, fire, flood, building destruction, etc.


Surely, Frontware already have UPS for supporting each computer but they are not enough. Thus, we provide the disaster plan to protect data and source code in 4 ways.


1. A daily backup on LAN to fast Backup servers


    - This backup runs every night and copies all virtual servers files to a file server.


2. Memopal


    - A secure online backup system
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 databases and source code are continuously copied online
    - All files are saved per version makes it's easy to get back a few days old files


3. Windows Live Mesh


    - Files and folders synchronization between main office and backup office.
    Windows Live Mesh (formerly known as Windows Live Foldershare) is a file synchronization application is designed to allows file and folders between two or computers be in sync with each othe on Windows.
    Live Mesh is a data synchronization system from Microsoft that allows files, folders and other data to be shared and synchronized across multiple devices.


4. External Harddisk to backup Office


    - Twice a week, a Frontware employee is in charge to bring backup contains the full virtual servers from Frontware External disks to the Backup Office.


Besides, in case of the building destruction, we will be able to work in minor mode within 48 hours, our backup office can support about 10 people. We can be back to major mode approximately 20-30 days.


Nevertheless, the disaster plan can’t backup Frontware’s employees. Any human loss is managed by Frontware Knowledge Base.

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