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  2010 is QR code year. QR is drawn from Quick Response. QR code is a kind of 2D (two dimensional) bar code created in Japan where it is very common use. QR code can store information including url links, geo coordinates, and text and may appear in magazines, on billboard, web page, business card, or even on t-shirt.

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QR Code is more useful than bar code because it can store much more information, more character types up to 7,089 characters and could be printed in a smaller space while bar code is capable of storing a maximum of approximately 20 digits. QR Code is capable of handling all types of data, such as numeric and alphabetic characters, symbols, binary, and control codes.

Moreover, QR code can be read with many modern mobile phones instead of requiring a bar code scanner. With a camera phone equipped with the QR code reader application can scan the image of QR code and redirect to reader application on the device to decode the encrypted information.

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Frontware, outsourcing software development based in Bangkok, Thailand provides solution for customers to read and write documents with QR code on Linux and Windows environment including all mobile environment like Windows Mobile, Java, Android, iPhone,...
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