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Frontware International is a service company offering outsourcing services for the development of computer applications. We have been experiencing a gradual growth since 1997 and have done more than one hundred projects. After ten years of existence, the projects generate permanent information, knowledge and know-how, but there is no real strategy for knowledge management. This leads to problem "loss of knowledge", due mainly to two reasons, the proliferation of projects and human factors such as staff departures or simply forgotten. This causes problems in daily work when it is necessary to appeal to the corporate memory and it’s more important that our activity is mainly based on the human capital of the company and we are experiencing a significant turnover so far. Each departing employee is synonymous with knowledge drain.

However, the company still funded since its existence. Several tools are already in place to attempt to preserve and share information. What is essential for the activity of software development that produces a lot of electronic documents, but these methods often prove ineffective and the company regularly meets difficulties when it comes to appeal to the memory.

Main objective of knowledge management is to develop an IT solution to centralize information and knowledge of the company, to reduce the loss of knowledge, to improve the capitalization of information, knowledge and know-how, with the major constraint that this solution is open source. In terms of human resources it is to minimize the effects of mobility (personal outgoing and incoming) and to sustain the company’s business by better managing its intangible capital.

We choose the EDM (Electronic Document Management) Alfresco, especially through the share portion that can be described as "user friendly". This interface has been designed to help users easily share documents with the functions of GOL, the Director ruled in favor of Alfresco which they felt was the solution open source more seriously. This sentiment was supported by the fact that the company Alfresco has been created by the co-founder of the leading proprietary solution on the market: Documentum.

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