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Rattana Prasopjumroonpinyo

Name :

Rattana Prasopjumroonpinyo
Frontware International
Town-in-Town, Latprao 94,
Bangkok 10310 Thailand
Web Designer

Position :

Web Designer

Started :

May 2009

Education Background :

May 2004 - Oct 2007
Bangkok University, Bangkok
B.S.Information Technology

Skills :

Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, Dreamweaver, HTML, Css stylesheet
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Projects Experience

January 2013 - present Pivi Tarification .Net
html, css
December 2012 - present beLate
html, css, design
April 2012 - Present Leadcollector 
html, css, design
December 2011 - september Prviantis
html, css, javascript , design
May 2011 - present
July 2010
php, html, css, javascript ,design
June 2010 Inovshoporder
June 2010 - February 2011 Generali Refresh
March 2010 - present Planisoft Website
March 2010 - June Generali Pivi.Net
February 2010 - present Generali GeniCar
February 2010 Generali Produits
June 2010
Generali Pivi Tarification
June 2010 Generali PiVi Design
June 2010 Generali G-Force CM Home
October 2009 - June 2010 Car2Find
September2009 - September2010 Generali GBS.Net
September2009 Generali G-Force CM SelfLife Dynamico
August 2009 Ansgate
silverlight Expression blend ,design
July 2009 Generali Claims Auto
July 2009 Generali GeniHome
June 2009 Generali PDFWebservice
June 2009 - present Generali G-Force CM Auto
html, css, javascript ,design
June 2009 Generali SiteProduct Home
html, css
May 2009-present Frontware Website
html, css, flash, silverlight
May - August 2009 Thai Actuary
May 2009 Success Engineering
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