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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The company’s website helps introducing and expanding the business to the targeted customers, hence this website must be found easily via search engines such as Google, Yahoo,, ...etc.

Search Engine Optimization helps improving the display of the website in search engine requests involving keywords and meta tags.

Frontware proposes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to improve your website display in search engines results. Frontware prepares your website to be correctly indexed according to specific keywords, meta tag, back link and HTML optimization to get a good ranking on top of search results.

Frontware offers free of charge our house made software “Frontware SEO Tools ” as freeware to any webmaster willing to improve his website traffic and ranking. Our software let you make basic SEO maintenance on your website : meta tags, title, keywords, description, ads, web directories, more than 1200 back links to your website,...etc.

Avoid SEO scam


Do not trust "first page in 2 weeks for any keyword" SEO scam. It is just not possible.

What should you consider when selecting search engine optimization company ?

There are near 200 factors used by the major search engines to determine site ranking. They include on-page and out-of-page factors, like keyword optimization, site structure, meta tags, viral marketing, natural links, correct redirects, footprints, original content, affiliate programs, building communities, blogging, building networks, interlinking and finally - building a site that someone might actually want to find. It takes lot of time, efforts and money to balance all factors right.

But there are lot of companies which promise "Top position in 2 weeks for any keyword". Can it be true ? Surely No. Is it fair to say that 80% of the people selling Search engine Optimization services have neither the knowledge nor ability to deliver good value to their customers.

You should avoid SEO company

    - If they promise first page SERP within 2 weeks for any keyword
    - If they promise 1.000.000 real visitors to your site
    - If they promise to submit your URL to 8000 search engines
    - They show their top positions for unnatural search key phrase.

SEO work takes time, result will come but nobody can promise you to be the first on the search engine because no one else than search engine companies know exactly their algorithm they use, their algorithm are constantly improved.

What Frontware promises is something you can see by yourself, you can check, we can prove:

    - We will improve Meta Tags and HTML code in order to have your website easily readable by engine robots.

    - We will add back links to your website.

    - We will select the best keywords with you.

    - We will give you a full report of the work done including a timesheet to show who did what and when.

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