Frontware offers software outsourcing services to Small and Medium size Enterprises
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Small and Medium size Enterprise


How can Small to Medium size business provide large enterprise scale services on a mid-size budget? Offshore software outsourcing is the best solution; offering superior services and technology expertise with very-low price. However majority of SME have not yet considered IT outsourcing as a part of their business strategy....

Small businesses have always confronted with addressing their IT necessities. The lack of resources - be it staff, budgets or managing resources - have determined SMBs to start exploring the offshore outsourcing option. But start ups and small enterprises have specific needs that few outsourcers can address correctly. Affordable IT solutions that are easily to install and configure, service/support requirements and, most of all, integrated ready-to-use methodologies and tools are the most critical demands of an SMB willing to outsource its software development department.

At Frontware we understand SME's problems, we propose specific solutions:

  • Low cost but not cheap quality
  • Clear understanding of what SME is because Frontware is SME
  • Over 12 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers
  • We propose a complete Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) used by millions of customers worldwide: Odoo. Checkout this page to get more information about services Frontware proposes about Odoo.


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