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Software Quality Control is the important process in outsourcing software development to ensure that an application will meet its quality goals at the best value to the customer and to continually improve the organization’s ability to provide outsourcing software development service in the future.

Frontware International, one of outsourcing software development in Bangkok, Thailand has high concern to improve our development process to satisfy our customers.

Frontware procedure for quality control

Upload document:

When the quality control team receives project document including bug reports, change requests, or  new version of documents for each project from customers, all document must be uploaded to alfresco, Frontware’s knowledge base and content management.

Learn document:

During the developing process, the quality control team has to learn the project document to understand the project’s requirement and check the possibility of all conditions could run fine as customer’s requirement.

Assign bug:

The quality control team has to test all conditions and check all design following the project document. If there are some error occurs, or something different from the project document, The quality control team will report them to the developers  or  the designers to fix. When those problems are fixed, the quality control team must re-test to ensure that the application works properly.


Follow up and report status:     


The quality control team must always check the  status and follow up  the process of development and report to the customer daily.


Communicate directly to customer:


When the developers don’t understand the project document, the quality control team must communicate directly to  the customers and  then explains to the developers.



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